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COM servers are registered the same way in 32- bit 64-bit operating systems. The question is related to self-registration, the most straightforward way to register COM server - by asking the server to update HKLM/HKCR registry respectively. I'm a little concerned about all these 'bitcoin miners' people talk about, and I am wary I've picked one up after downloading a mod for a game which I probably didn't download from the right place. Any software to do some checks (already scanned with Malware Bytes, found nothing) on bitcoin miners or something that would use regsvr32.exe would be appreciated. Thankyou! Specs: Windows 7 Home ... When you are registering a DLL in old machines (Windows XP), regsrv always says that the registration was sucessful. This happens even if the user doesn't have permission to register. With the nam... How is the command being run? From a process or from a command line? Make sure the command is being run from a 64-bit process (or a 64-bit cmd.exe console window). Sürücüde disk yok. Lütfen \Device\Harddisk\DR1 sürücüsüne bir disk takın. -İptal- -Yeniden dene- -Devam- Artık hangi dosyayı açarsam ...

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